Digital Marketing Services

We create strategy-fueled, data-driven digital marketing solutions that actually work for your business.

Your Business Goals, Realized

Digital marketers at EXS use data to decide what content to create, who to create it for, what marketing channels to promote it on, how to measure its success and how to quantify its impact on the bottom line.

The goal: Use digital content to accomplish your business objectives. These could include improving your search presence, increasing brand recognition, engaging leads, re-engaging prospects, boosting loyalty among existing customers, driving revenue for your brand or all of the above.

If it isn’t goal-oriented, it isn’t digital marketing; it’s a vanity project.

At EXS we know the difference, and we make a difference.

Dominate Digital

All digital marketing has four main facets:

Social Media Marketing

There are more than 3.5 billion social media users in the world and counting. If you have a target audience worth reaching, you’ll find it on social media.

At EXS, our social media consultants deliver adaptive social strategies across all the major channels:






And More

Be social, and you’ll be seen, heard and spoken about on the web. Our fixed and à la carte services include but aren’t limited to:

Social media management

Our social consultants assess key metrics, and make recommendations for improvement across channels. They also build up your base of followers through strategic engagements, precisely-timed posting schedules supported by data and validated through A/B testing, and creative campaigns that improve social visibility.

Paid social

Your social media strategist can help you create social display ads and sponsored posts that look like they belong in your customers’ feeds. Through meticulous tracking of metrics such as impressions and CTR, they can help you reallocate your spend across networks to maximize the performance of your paid social campaigns./p>

Influencer outreach

Social strategists collaborate with experts and influencers in your industry to forge mutually beneficial relationships that help extend your reach on social media to new audiences.

Paid and organic content promotions

Your content won’t promote itself. Our social media consultants create posts for each of your channels that help drive up impressions and boost overall engagement.

EXS refines the audience, delivers the strategy, creates the content, distributes and promotes the content and monitors success.

Our digital marketing services can be end-to-end, à la carte and everything in between. Just tell us what you need:

A total digital marketing strategy.

Keyword research.

Technical SEO.

Site UX and web design.

Deeper-funnel assets like white papers and case studies.

Graphic design.

Email marketing.

Social media management.

Pay-per-click advertising.

Something else entirely.

A combined range of technologies

We leverage our expertise, technology and creative mindsets to get your business seen


Why Digital Marketing?

Everything and everyone is online. Your potential customers. Your competitors. Your vendors. Your partners. Your investors. Your products and services. Your business. You.

In the 2020s, digital is the main arena for all marketing. Are you ready to rumble? Because the competition is fierce. Every day

Quintillions of bytes of data are added to the web.

Millions of blog posts are published.

Billions of search engine queries are made.

Billions of videos are watched.

Millions of new sites launch.

Fully Responsive

For a digital marketing strategy to be successful, every element of it must be supported by data, and expertly executed by seasoned strategists, knowledgeable consultants, talented content creators, skilled web developers and highly experienced social media managers.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Every marketing campaign serves a larger digital strategy, and that strategy serves a business goal.

EXS’s Google Analytics-certified content strategists work closely with your marketing team and other company stakeholders to understand your industry, your brand and your goals. We build a partnership that is focused on getting results where you need them most

Strategic analysis

We identify areas for improvement that will help you achieve your goals, whether that’s increasing monthly site traffic, boosting conversions, retargeting deep-funnel leads, reducing bounce rates or improving the search ranking of a specific page.

Content creation

Our writers, designers, consultants and videographers conduct research, subject-matter-expert interviews, SEO content mapping and other preliminary functions that help them to do what they do best: Create high-quality, data-driven content that’s crafted with the big picture in mind.

Metrics and reports

We compile baseline metrics through careful analysis of Google Analytics, Search Console, HubSpot, SEMRush, Moz and more. This helps us get a snapshot of your overall web presence, your site performance on search engines, your social media footprint and who’s looking at your content.

Ongoing analysis

Digital marketing isn’t something you do just once. Our strategists and consultants can provide ongoing analysis of KPIs with an eye on bottom-line revenue. This includes tracking the success of every digital marketing campaign and pivoting as needed, as well as understanding how algorithm updates on major platforms such as Google and Facebook affect your digital presence.

Strategy development

We work with your marketing team to plan for the execution of your digital marketing strategy. We involve project managers, consultants and creatives at this stage to make sure all stakeholders are working toward the same goal.

Promotion and distribution

Content strategists and project managers work alongside social media consultants and creative teams to help promote your content on social media channels, email, influencer outreach, display ads and other mediums.

Content Marketing

We know first-hand what strategy-fueled, data-driven content marketing can achieve, because we’ve done it all before

Tell your brand’s story.

Build trust among your audience.

Earn industry credibility.

Rank for more keywords.

Engage leads at every stage of the sales funnel.

Turn happy customers into brand advocates.

Boost revenue.

Unlike display advertising and other interruptive, paid campaigns, content marketing is the wing of digital marketing that’s all about adding value at every phase of the customer journey.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization demands mastery over the leading digital marketing tools, a deft understanding of key search metrics and the ability to transpose hard numbers into creative accomplishments

As a full-service marketing agency, we tackle both the science and the art of SEO with our offerings:

Keyword research

We use leading keyword research tools like SEMrush, Moz Keyword Explorer and Ahrefs to identify short- and long-tail keywords with strong monthly search volume and difficulty scores within range of your domain authority.

Content for SEO

Our writers are alchemists: They transform information and insights provided by strategists and consultants into compelling website copy and blog posts that people will actually want to stop what they’re doing to read.

Video and design for SEO

Search engines favor sites with visual elements because users favor them – and what users prefer, search engines prefer. EXS videographers, graphic designers, web developers and consultants play a key role in delivering technically-sound, visually stunning content.

On- and off-page SEO

In addition to on-site content creation and technical SEO, we can provide backlink strategies, influencer outreach and content syndication services to help build up a backlink profile, gradually improve Domain Authority score and boost your overall online presence.

Search Performance Briefs

Search Performance Briefs instruct creatives on questions they should answer in content, secondary keywords to include, major topics to discuss, recommended imagery and other guidance that multiplies the probability of ranking on Page 1 for a keyword. All recommendations are based on in-depth research of top-performing websites.

Marketing Consulting Services

We understand the impact that a flawed technical design can have on SERP performance and on user experience. They know that bad UX leads to higher bounce rates and shorter dwell time. That toxic backlinks drag down a site’s domain authority. And that some pages shouldn’t be indexed. All of these little details add up. Case in point

75% of a user’s opinion of a site’s credibility is based on its UX and design.

Loading time for mobile and desktop sites should be under 3 seconds to avoid penalties.

Mobile-first indexing is very much a reality, necessitating mobile-friendly design.

Persona development

Through analysis of Google Analytics demographic data and CRM information, and through collaboration with your sales and marketing teams, our consultants create detailed personas of your top readers, your influencers and your buyers.

Email & marketing automation

A/B testing, email content creation, email templates, drip campaigns, newsletters, automated lead-nurture emails, email-list building, segmentation, integrations, metrics reporting – if it has to do with email and marketing automation, we do it.

UX and website redesign

High bounce rate, low dwell time and poor conversions could be indicators that it’s time for a website redesign or a UX audit. Our SEO and consulting teams can provide in-depth analysis of your current site design and recommendations for where it needs to be improved.

Website audits

What happens on the backend of your site doesn’t stay on the backend: 404 errors and broken links, 301 and 302 redirects, accessibility issues and mobile friendliness are just some of the technical woes that can negatively impact site performance and SEO.

Interested in any of these services?

You can always contact us. We will answer to you shortly!